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There’s no place like home… again!

Animal Humane Society helps tens of thousands of animals in need find new homes every year, but that’s not the only way we support animals on their journey home. Each year we reunite around 1,000 lost animals with their loving families who miss them. We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of these reunions, and want to share a few of the most recent ones with you.


When a young stray with unique facial markings arrived at Animal Humane Society’s Woodbury shelter, it didn’t take long for him to coin the name Stash. Stash was found near North Branch, MN – nearly an hour away from the Woodbury shelter. Jenny, an AHS employee, feared that if Stash had a family they may never find him.

Over the next week, Stash proved to be a friendly but shy staff favorite. But there were still no signs of his family… until Jenny found them.

One night Jenny stumbled upon a photo of a very familiar feline on a “Lost Pets” Facebook group. The post was from Cheyanne, who lived in North Branch and had been missing her cat for nearly two months. Jenny couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried not to get her hopes up as she responded to the post, “Call Animal Humane Society in Woodbury, I think we may have your cat.”

When Cheyanne saw Jenny’s comment, she called Animal Humane Society immediately. She described her lost cat, and told us that his name was actually “Capone.” Cheyanne was put on hold, and an adoption services specialist went to check on Stash. “Capone?” she called as she entered the room. A look of immediate recognition came over Stash’s face and the typically shy cat walked right over to her. She returned to the phone and told Cheyanne, “Capone is here!” Capone and Cheyanne were reunited that evening, and they hope never to be apart again.


Oakley strayed away from her family and became lost in Brooklyn Park this January. Without a place to stay warm, the cold winter weather would have been dangerous for this young, short-haired terrier mix. Luckily, she ran into Rashelle – and even luckier still – Rashelle worked at AHS.

Rashelle helped the little dog search for her owners, but there was no sign of them. So she took the shivering dog into her home for the night. The dog wagged her tail, sat to be petted, and even insisted on sleeping in Rashelle’s bed! It was clear the sweet terrier had a loving family somewhere, and Rashelle was determined to find them.

The next morning the terrier, now going by the temporary name of Scout, came to work with Rashelle who had an appointment to get her new office buddy checked in with AHS, posted on our website, and seen by our expert vet staff. Before any of that could happen, two young women came to Animal Humane Society’s front office. They were looking for their lost terrier mix and hoped AHS would have her. Just as the receptionist was about to send them to our incoming animals department – where no one had even seen or met Scout yet – she remembered the dog in Rashelle’s office.

It soon became apparent that Scout was actually Oakley – and even more importantly – that Oakley was found. Grateful and relieved, Oakley’s owners took her home, but not before Rashelle gave her a kiss goodbye.


It was mid-November when Willis, a local construction worker, first noticed a small, stray cat near his construction site. An animal lover, Willis watched anxiously as the cat wove in and out of traffic and wished there was something he could do. When he returned to work the next day, he found the cat waiting for him under a parked truck. Willis won the nervous cat over by offering him his lunch – a ham sandwich which the cat devoured. After getting acquainted with the stray, Willis was able to bring him to AHS to receive the care he needed. It was a seemingly perfect ending… but this story doesn’t stop there.

When staff at AHS scanned the stray cat for a microchip, they found the cat had a family and contacted them immediately! When Nicole received a call from Animal Humane Society, she couldn’t believe her ears. Nicole and her family lost their cat a few months earlier as they were moving across the country and he jumped out of their car. Despite their best efforts to search for him, they had to move on, heartbroken. Now their cat, Sammy, had been found! Nicole made the arrangements to travel all the way from Washington state to St. Paul, Minnesota to be reunited with their beloved Sammy and bring him where he belonged – home.