AHS welcomes dogs from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Mississippi

On Sunday, July 22, 10 dogs arrived at Animal Humane Society's Golden Valley shelter after being involved in an unfortunate accident three weeks before in northern Mississippi. Southern Pines Animal Shelter routinely sends dogs to AHS to help with overcrowding in their Mississippi shelter. 

Transport programs help create space in southern shelters, where the number of homeless animals can be overwhelming and resources are scarce. Many of these healthy dogs and cats spend months in their source shelters, facing euthanasia due to length of time in shelter. After traveling to Minnesota, they're adopted by loving families in just a matter of days.

The Southern Pines partnership has saved the lives of more than 10,000 animals over the past five years.

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On July 7, the Southern Pines Animal Shelter transport van broke down as dogs were being brought to Minnesota. Their drivers found 11 dogs who had died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning; investigation into cause of death is still underway. Staff and volunteers in Mississippi were heartbroken, but the work continued to get the remaining dogs and many more here to Minnesota. Members of the Twin Cities media were invited to come see the happy homecoming.

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