Six jobs you never knew existed at Animal Humane Society

Think about Animal Humane Society for a moment. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Likely adopting adorable dogs, cats, and critters. But did you know that we do so much more for the animals in our care and the pet owners in our community? And to accomplish this, we employ more than 300 passionate animal lovers.

Each role at AHS impacts our mission — from animal care to philanthropy, and everyone between. Check out these AHS six jobs that might surprise you!

Veterinarian and Vet tech

1. Veterinarian and Vet Tech

More than 22,000 animals come through our doors each year. AHS is an open admission shelter, which means we take in dogs, cats, and critters of all ages and breeds, in all states of health, no matter their background. AHS is one of the only animal welfare organizations in Minnesota with a full-time veterinarian on staff. And there’s not just one. Fifteen full-time veterinarians, 10 relief vets, and more than 60 veterinary technicians provide life-saving care to every single animal that comes through our doors.

Most days they provide routine vaccinations, check-ups, and spay/neuter surgeries. Other days the cases are more complex. No matter the animal, our Veterinarians and Vet Techs do their best to make sure each one is happy, healthy, and ready for their happy new beginning.

AHS Humane Investigations team

2. Humane Agent

AHS humane agents work throughout the state to help animals in cases of abuse and neglect. Last year, they received more than 1,700 reports of neglected or harmed animals. Through careful investigation, they helped nearly 5,500 animals in Minnesota.

Our humane agents work in the best interest of every animal. That means partnering with owners, local law enforcement, and other organizations to do what’s best for each animal.

And did you know our team of three are the only full-time humane agents in Minnesota? It’s just one way we do more for animals in our community.

AHS employee and dog

3. Transport Driver

Our impact on animals in need stretches across the country. Transport drivers fuel that impact on a daily basis.

In the southern United States, animal shelters are often overcrowded and overwhelmed. Transport drivers travel to communities requesting our help to pick up homeless animals desperately in need of a second chance.

Last year, our Transport Program brought more than 9,000 animals to AHS in search of new homes. We have the unique privilege to help — so that’s exactly what we do. And each animal our drivers bring north opens space for another one in need to find shelter and care.

Liv with dogs

4. Shelter Behavior Services Manager

When animals come to us for a new home, not only do they get a medical evaluation by our veterinary team, they’re also evaluated for their behavior.

Like people, animals have different personalities. Some are naturally confident, while others are shy or nervous — especially in a shelter environment where they’re surround by the sounds and smells of other animals.

These shy or fearful animals need a little more time and attention before they’re ready for adoption. That’s where our Shelter Behavior Services Team comes in. Along with dedicated volunteers, this team works with animals to help them overcome behavior issues and gain the confidence they need to find loving homes.

Community Outreach

5. Community Outreach Coordinator

Helping animals in need is what we do. That includes helping pets and their owners, too.

Animal Humane Society’s Community Outreach Program serves Frogtown and East St. Paul residents, connecting them with resources and education to keep their pets happy and healthy. Our community outreach coordinators are the literal boots on the ground making this work happen.

Community outreach coordinators connect community members with free food, low-cost spay/neuter services, and wellness clinics where they can update their pets’ vaccines and speak with a vet. By embedding themselves in the communities they serve, our community outreach coordinators are helping to ensure pets can stay in their homes and out of local shelters.

Furry Tales

6. Humane Educator

Serving animals and the community also means serving our future! Our humane educators lead a variety of programs for young animal lovers. Day Camps, Shelter Vet Camp, Paint My Pet, Rescue Readers, and so much more! There’s a little something for every kid age 1-100.

Humane educators help a child’s love for animals continue to grow. They also lead classroom programs and workshops to educate kids about all things animal and Animal Humane Society. Compassion, animal snuggles, and fun can go a long way towards shaping the future for animals in need.

Animal Humane Society is more than a shelter. We’re here for animals in need, pet owners, and animal lovers of all kinds.

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