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Rescue Waggin

Rescue Waggin': Tales from the Road

When Cowboy the Corgi was dumped on the side of a road in Carthage, Missouri, his future seemed grim. The local animal shelter was already crowded with more dogs than it could possibly find homes for.

But Cowboy and 20 other dogs from Carthage Humane Society got the ride of their lives – 600 miles north to Animal Humane Society, where they could get the care they need to find loving homes and happy new beginnings in Minnesota.

That lifesaving journey, part of PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin' Program, is the focus of a new eight-part web series produced and narrated by actor Josh Duhamel.

Episodes 7 and 8: Our Rescue Waggin' dogs find their forever homes.

Episodes 5 and 6: Fixed and photographed, the dogs start to find homes.

Episodes 3 and 4: The dogs arrive at Animal Humane Society, greeted with love and care.

Episodes 1 and 2: See where the journey begins.