Reopening our sites and restoring in-person programs

For the last few months, AHS has been revisiting the policies and procedures that were put in place to protect staff, volunteers, and visitors from risk of COVID-19 transmission. As we prepare to fully reopen AHS to the public, safety remains a top priority. We’re pleased to announce that many of our programs and services are returning to in-person.

Here are the many changes we’re looking forward to implementing in the coming days, weeks, and months:

  • Adoption centers reopen to walk-in visitors: AHS adoption centers will once again welcome walk-in visitors starting Monday, August 2. We will no longer require appointments for people interested in meeting adoptable animals at AHS. Visitors can stop into our adoption centers during regular business hours (weekdays, 12-8 PM and weekends, 10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Training classes return to all locations: Though our training and behavior program has offered both virtual and in-person options since early summer, we’re excited to re-introduce classes at all four AHS locations (Golden Valley, Woodbury, Coon Rapids, and St. Paul).;
  • Volunteer applications reopen: In just a few weeks, volunteer opportunities will become available at each of our three shelter locations. We’re excited to welcome new foster volunteers to AHS as well.>
  • Intake and veterinary center lobbies reopen: Beginning in early August, these lobbies will be accessible to people with appointments. Vet center clients still must wait in the lobby while their pets are being examined by our veterinary teams. We’re continuing to explore when it’s feasible to let the public back into vet center exam rooms and start offering owner-attended euthanasia services to the public.
  • Education programs return to in-person: Many of our youth programs ― including day camps, Animal Academy, Scout programs, and more ― are returning to a regular, in-person schedule this September. Watch our website for more information.
  • Fall events bring us together: Whisker Whirl, one of our biggest fundraising events, will be held Thursday, September 30, at Quincy Hall in Northeast Minneapolis. Tickets go on sale August 16.

As we train new staff and prepare to open our doors once again, we want to share our gratitude for your patience and understanding over the last 18 months. Your generosity and support helped ensure animals at AHS continued to receive the care and loving attention they deserve, and we’re truly grateful to be a part of this animal loving community.

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