Remembering Alex Sterling: Gifts to AHS matched dollar-for-dollar on May 5

What part of your legacy will be most remembered? What part of your heart will shine on?

Young Alex with his dog

When Alex Sterling’s life was tragically cut short in 2010, nothing could dull the pain his family endured. But they could answer those two questions without hesitation. Alex’s great love of animals would keep his memory and legacy alive.

Since early childhood, Alex was a ‘pet magnet’. Animals could somehow sense his kind and gentle heart. Although Alex is no longer with us, his love continues to have an incredible impact on animals.

In honor of Alex and the profound connection he shared with animals, his family will generously match every gift to Animal Humane Society on Tuesday May 5, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000.

Alex knew there was something special about animals and their ability to provide love and comfort without judgement or condition. AHS provides that same unconditional love for animals in need who are still waiting to find families.

Alex with his cat

Each animal we help through this generous match will help keep Alex’s spirit alive. Playfully comical puppies will honor his sense of humor, crafty kittens will remind us of his intelligence and wit, and faithful old dogs help us remember his calm and gentle demeanor.

Every animal deserves to be loved and every animal lover deserves to be remembered. Please make a generous gift today, and it will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Alex’s mother and father.

Leaving a legacy for animals

To learn more about about leaving a legacy for animals in need, explore planned giving opportunities, or contact our Planned Giving team at 763-489-1586.

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