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Potential case of canine influenza identified in dog adopted from Animal Humane Society

June 18, 2015

UPDATE: No dogs at Animal Humane Society’s St. Paul shelter test positive for H3N2 dog flu

Animal Humane Society is responding to a report of H3N2 flu in a dog adopted from its St. Paul shelter on June 14. The dog was transferred to AHS from St. Paul Animal Control on June 2 and showed no apparent flu symptoms while in AHS’s care.

The dog, a Shar-Pei mix named Toga, exhibited symptoms at home on June 15. The family took the dog to their veterinarian for treatment and testing. Today the Board of Animal Health notified Animal Humane Society that test results came back positive for H3N2 canine influenza. The dog is doing well and recovering at home with its family.

Animal Humane Society is responding to this case with urgency and caution to protect the health of animals in our community.

  • Animal Humane Society is consulting with a leading expert in shelter medicine, Dr. Sandra Newbury, of the Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Wisconsin.
  • AHS is having nasal swab testing done at  the University of Wisconsin to confirm canine influenza infection. A second possible case has been identified and that dog is also undergoing treatment and testing. Animal Humane Society is working with these two families to cover the cost of treatment and care.
  • Effective immediately, AHS is halting dog adoptions and surrenders at our St. Paul facility only until we have confirmed that no animals in our care are infected.
  • All dogs with Kennel Cough or similar symptoms at our St. Paul facility have been isolated and are being tested for canine influenza today. We expect to have results of those tests by 4 p.m. Friday.
  • Although veterinary staff at AHS do not believe that canine influenza has made its way to our other shelters, we are testing all dogs with Kennel Cough and implementing enhanced protocols across all five locations.
  • Animal Humane Society is reaching out to families of dogs adopted from our St. Paul facility in the last 30 days, urging them to contact their veterinarian if symptoms develop.
  • Dogs in Animal Humane Society’s boarding facilities (Animal House and Now Boarding) do not share staff or facilities with the population of adoptable animals.