Pet Dish TV: Wings of Rescue

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January 18, 2019

Shelters and rescues all across the country are finding creative ways to partner together — all in the name of helping more animals.

At AHS, we work with nearly 100 different animal welfare groups , and because of our community’s love and support, we’ve become a destination shelter. This means we often take in animals from other parts of the country who are then adopted in Minnesota. It truly takes a village to make that happen — but when we come together, the sky’s the limit!

Wings of Rescue is a small group of volunteer pilots who fly pets from overcrowded shelters and disaster areas to shelters that have capacity to take in animals without displacing their current shelter population. “Until we get to about 10,000 feet, we have about 100 voices in cats and dogs saying ‘Are we there yet?’” says pilot Ric Browde of Wings of Rescue. “The pets, they seem to know they’re going to a better place.”

For Wings of Rescue, meeting people who are just as passionate about animals as they are is a fun reward. “Together, we’re saving lives,” and according to Browde, that shared excitement confirms that all the choices he and his team makes are the right ones.

“You know they’re going to be on somebody’s couch in a matter of days,” says Browde. “When you know the alternative was very grim for these pets, you’re knocked out. It never gets old.”

Many of the animals that are transported to AHS were living in other shelters for months, even years. After arriving to AHS, they’re often adopted in just a matter of days.

Wings of Rescue and AHS started working together only a few months ago, but some of our transport partnerships go back nearly a decade. These partnerships have helped thousands of animals get the second chance they deserve.

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