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November 16, 2018

With the holidays just around the corner, that means more travel and visiting with friends and family. That also means making a plan for your pet.

If those plans include boarding, our experts at Animal House shared a few tips on how to get your best friend ready for their stay.

What if my pet has never boarded before?

If your pet has never stayed away from you or your home, board them with your chosen boarding facility for a few days before their longer stay.

It’s not a bad idea to do a two to three day long stay to get them used to a new space and a change in routine.

What should I bring?

If your dog, cat, or critter has a favorite blanket or toy, bring it along! Having their favorite thing provides comfort and reminds them of home while you’re away. If they don’t have a specific toy or blanket they prefer, you can bring anything that smells like home. It will help them relax while they board.

What can my pet do during their stay?

There are many options to keep your pet content and entertained during their stay. Animal House offers nature walks, playtime, calming cuddles, and much more.

Can you give my pet their medicine?

Staff are trained to give oral medication. Injections are the only kind of medication Animal House doesn’t give.

Is Animal House just for dogs and cats?

Animal House welcomes all kinds of companion animals! Small and large dogs, cats, hedgehogs, bunnies and Guinea pigs — just to name a few. We’ve even had pigs and reptiles board with us!

How soon should I make a holiday reservation?

When it comes to holiday boarding, it’s never too early to book your pet’s stay. Three months in advance, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, isn’t too much.

Your pet’s home away from home

At Animal House, we take photos and special notes on your pet’s report card so you can stay connected to your pet, even while you’re away. The staff really does care about the animals as if they’re their own.

Animal House is attached to Animal Humane Society’s Golden Valley shelter. Proceeds from boarding at Animal House fuel AHS’s mission to help people and pets live their best lives. Learn more about Animal House or make a reservation.

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