Pet Dish TV: Paint My Pet

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October 5, 2018

Ask any pet parent to see a photo of their beloved fur kid, and they’re sure to show you more than a few pictures. Through Animal Humane Society’s Paint My Pet, animal lovers can turn those photos into a special keepsake that will last a lifetime.

At Paint My Pet, pet owners get to explore their artistic side. Prior to the program, participants send in a photo of their pet and when they arrive, a canvas with a tracing of their furry best friend is waiting for them. Throughout the program, participants learn basic painting skills as they paint their pet, helping them bring the canvas to life. The entire session is led by a trained artist.

Paint My Pet started out as a program geared toward kids. Now we’re hosting sessions for adults, 18-plus.

We hope that programs like Paint My Pet help people experience the other fun things happening at AHS, explore new skills or hobbies, and, of course, get closer to animals. Anytime we can combine our love for animals with our other interests, it helps remind us how animals make our lives better.

Learn more about Paint My Pet and view upcoming sessions. Explore other Animal Academy classes for kids where we share how we can make the lives of animals better and how they make our lives better in return.

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