Pet Dish TV: Managing mouthing and jumping in dogs

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September 28, 2018

It’s no secret: a well-behaved dog makes life a little easier. One of the most common questions our behavior experts at Animal Humane Society get is how to stop a dog from jumping and mouthing.

Jumping and mouthing are both completely natural behaviors for dogs. Our canine friends play and explore by using their mouths. Jumping is just one way they use to get our attention.

If you have a puppy or a one-year-old, they’ll still have a lot of puppy behaviors, even if they don’t look like one. And while jumping or mouthing may be cute when they’re little, it’s not as awesome when they grow up to be a 50-pound dog. You can still address unwanted behaviors in adult dogs, but it’s never too early to start.

Here are a few simple training tips to help curb these behaviors.

Managing jumping

The most important thing to remember when a dog jumps on you is to be a tree — ignore the behavior and turn around. Don’t reward the jumping with your attention. If you do, you’ll only reinforce it.

Once your dog stops jumping and has all four feet back on the ground, that’s the time to interact with them. Give them attention and treats for remaining on the ground.

Managing mouthing

For mouthy dogs, it’s helpful to have a lot of toys around. They need an outlet for this natural behavior. Instead of mouthing on you, give them a toy.

Reward good behavior

Always have treats on you! It’s a great way to reward good behavior in a timely manner. The more often your pup get treats for good behavior, the more likely they’ll continue to offer that good behavior.

If you want to learn more about how to bring out the best in your best friend, training classes. Or, take a peek at our pet behavior library for training techniques you can work on at home.

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