Pet Dish TV: K9 Kirk, from shelter dog to sheriff dog

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January 4, 2019

Most of the animals adopted from AHS become loving companions. But every so often, we see an AHS alum go into service. From barn and business cats, to service dogs and police K9s, shelter animals can do just about anything!

From the shelter to the sheriff

Meet Kirk, a cute bulldog/lab mix who is now serving as a Sheriff K9 in Woodbury, Minnesota.

The Sheriff's office normally purchases dogs bred to be police dogs (like German Shepherds). This time around, they decided to adopt a dog in need of a home. The dog they were searching for had to meet certain criteria, and after visiting shelters around the Twin Cities, Kirk seemed to be a good fit. 

After two and half months of training, Kirk became a certified drug detection dog. While the Sheriff's office is used to training specific breeds, training Kirk was easy — once they found the right reward. 

"It probably won't be our last time," says Jacobson, on adopting a police dog.

AHS alums have gone on to work at the state capitol, volunteer with veterans, and have worked as therapy dogs at schools and senior centers. Not to mention, they've also brought love to thousands of families.

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