Pet Dish TV: Fostering Lucy

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August 31, 2018

Every dog, cat, and critter at Animal Humane Society needs something a little different. Some need extra medical care, such as Lucy, a sweet lab mix who needed some extra time to heal before meeting her new family.

For animals like Lucy, we rely on our dedicated team of foster volunteers who help them take all the time they need to heal. Last year alone, 400 foster volunteers helped care for nearly 2,500 animals.

This week on Pet Dish TV, meet Nicole Rickard the foster volunteer who patiently worked with Lucy while she rehabbed her wrist.

Rickard has been a foster volunteer with AHS for several years. While she loves having a dog, her and her husband travel a lot, so she gets her canine fix through fostering. She also knows she will help more animals in need by opening up her home to each one when called upon, rather than adopting one of her own.

Fostering is a rewarding experience. Every once in a while a foster family falls so much in love with their foster that they end up adopting. We lovingly call that a foster fail.

Our volunteers help animals who are too young for adoption, require extra medical care, or even pregnant animals or nursing moms and their litters. Learn more about fostering and other volunteer opportunities with AHS, and how you can get involved.

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