Pet Dish TV: Chai's Story

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December 21, 2018

Each year, Animal Humane Society takes in about 23,000 animals. And they each need something a little different.

Meet Chai, a cute kitty who came to us during an exceptional cold snap during January 2017. The extreme weather was almost too much for her and she suffered a lot of frostbite. When she arrived at AHS, she had notable damage to her ears, nose, tail, and hind legs. Both of her back feet were amputated from the ankle down as well as her tail. Her ears also fell off.

While surgery was successful, we weren’t sure how well Chai would recover. It was a long process. Chai visited weekly for about eight to ten weeks for regular check-ups, not only to assess her physical recovery, but also if she adjusted to walking on her hind legs and if her quality of life was still good.

Chai made a full recovery. The only thing she can’t do is jump on the counters — which her mom, AHS Foster Program Coordinator Kelly Anderson, doesn’t mind.

“She’s a very, very happy cat. Which has been amazing to see through all that she’s been through,” says Anderson.

Chai is just one example of the many animals who come through our doors that need some extra special attention. But as Anderson notes, because of our creative veterinary staff and their willingness to save each animal, we’re able to do a lot for each and every dog, cat, and critter in our care.

We believe Chai was an owned pet, and while we don’t know how she got out or if she was left behind, she likely didn’t know how to deal with the cold temperatures. Learn how you can help keep your pets safe during cold weather. And be sure to ID your animals with a collar and tag so you can easily be reunited.

It’s because of you and your support that animals like Chai get a second chance. Continue to help animals in need and make their season bright.

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