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November 2, 2018

Routine veterinary visits and medical care are critical to keeping your pets happy and healthy. But pet healthcare — just like humane healthcare — can be costly.

At Animal Humane Society, our Veterinary Centers help break down the barriers to preventative pet healthcare, giving pet owners an affordable option to get the services they need, plus peace of mind.

Low-cost wellness services at AHS Veterinary Centers

Wellness check-ups are one of the most important things pet owners can do for their dogs, cats, and critters. Regular check-ups can keep pets healthy and catch issues before they become serious or too expensive to treat.

Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers offer high-quality healthcare services at a low cost, serving both qualified pet owners (including active or retired military personnel) and rescue partners.

“Healthcare is something that should be available to everybody, no matter their income, no matter their situation in life,” says Astrid Kammueller, former director of Veterinary Center operations.  “We can offer that, at a low cost that meets everybody where they are.”

For example, our Vet Centers staff helped a woman who brought in her 18-year-old cat for a check-up. The cat had a large tumor growing on its lip. When the owner had visited other vets, they told her the surgery to remove the tumor would cost roughly $1,200 — a bill she couldn’t afford.

When she came to AHS Veterinary Centers, we performed the surgery for only a couple hundred dollars, saving her the extra cost and heartbreak of seeing her kitty suffer.

AHS Veterinary Centers are a community resource for families with pets who don’t necessarily have access to the veterinary care they need.

Learn more about AHS Veterinary Centers, including a full list of services and qualifications.


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