To the person who adopted my favorite dog

A heartfelt message from Animal Humane Society volunteers

Collage of AHS volunteers with animals

Yesterday you adopted my favorite dog, and I couldn’t be happier.

As an Animal Humane Society volunteer, we try to love every animal equally. But ask any AHS insider, and they’ll tell you, there’s always one that’s extra special. One that stands out from the crowd and seems to find you — YOU specifically — just to pull on your heartstrings.

Sometimes your favorite animal is a huge pit bull with cropped ears and scars on his face who’s the sweetest dog you’ve ever met. Sometimes it’s a tiny Chihuahua with horrible breath who you let kiss you on the face because it makes her happy. Sometimes it’s a senior cat with one eye and lackluster fur who won’t stop purring, or a bonded pair of doves who are always nestled close to one another. Every animal is someone’s favorite.

Zoe with Badger the dog

Zoe, AHS volunteer, alongside her favorite dog, Badger

Sometimes your favorite animal is adopted in less than a day. And then a different one takes on the role. Most times, it takes longer, and each day you visit them and whisper in their ear, “I hope today is your day.”

Yesterday you adopted my favorite dog. And even though you rescued him and he smiled the whole way home — please know that you’re not the first or only one to love him.

The shelter’s cement floor may have seemed cold to you, but I sat on it with him many times. The kennel bars may have appeared like a punishment, but I fed him treats through those little iron openings. The bustling shelter lobby may have seemed overwhelming, but it's where we said our last goodbye as he set off to enjoy his new beginning with you.

My favorite dog and I know the truth. Aside from your home, AHS is the most loving place on earth.

Yesterday you adopted my favorite dog, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

For Badger and Wrigley, Chewy and Hazel. For Talmadge, Petunia, and Alex. For Captain, Gemma, Elvira, Bernadette, Missy, Basil, and Petey. For all the favorites who have come and gone, and all the favorites yet to come — thank you. 


Zoe, on behalf of all devoted AHS volunteers

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