November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November 1, 2018

Sadly, many animals find themselves in shelters after they’ve passed their prime. While some senior pets can require extra care, they’re no less deserving of loving homes! More mellow and often better trained than their younger counterparts, older animals have just as much love to give.

As with people, age can affect pets both mentally and physically. Cats may become chattier or need a prescription diet. Dogs may require a daily pill or take more frequent potty breaks. However, we think every animal should spend their twilight years surrounded by people they know and love.

So next time you’re at the shelter, don’t pass by the graying face staring up at you! You could meet your new best friend.

Here are a few of the sweet seniors waiting for families right now:


Fritz is a 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix with a heart of gold! Meet him at our Golden Valley location.


Emily is an outgoing 12-year-old kitty who enjoys being pet and held. Meet her at our Golden Valley location.


Tucker is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu mix who loves to explore! Meet him at our Coon Rapids location.


Luna is an easygoing and sweet 7-year-old Lab mix. Visit her at our Coon Rapids location.


Sylvia is a 12-year-old cat who enjoys spending time by your side. Visit her at our Golden Valley location.

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