Never giving up on Princess

Never giving up on princess

When Princess was surrendered to Animal Humane Society, she was visibly nervous and afraid. However, the 7-year-old pit bull’s timid demeanor was the least of our concerns. Princess had a large tumor on her neck, and staff feared the worst. Tests revealed that Princess had cancer, and although Animal Humane Society’s expert vet team was able to remove most of her tumor, her future was uncertain. Despite the prognosis, AHS refused to give up on Princess.

Animal Humane Society’s new Hospice Adoption program gives animals with terminal illnesses the opportunity to live comfortably in loving homes for their remaining time. Princess was only in our adoption center for four hours before finding a home with Lisa and her family. But this remarkable story doesn’t stop there. Lisa is enduring her third round of cancer treatments, and Princess seems to know exactly how she feels. When Lisa returns home from a chemotherapy session, Princess lays calmly by her side, offering her what comfort she can.

Princess has also found a new best friend in Lisa’s 16-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. The inseparable duo sleep together every night, nestled under the covers. Once fearful and unsure, Princess comes to Mackenzie every time she calls.

Lisa and her family don’t know how much time they’ll have with Princess, but they have promised to “give her the greatest life she can have, for as long as she has it.” From destroying her toys to the joys of being allowed on the couch, with all the love Princess is being given, we’re sure she’ll have just that.

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