Napoleon the cat recovers from life threatening injuries

Napolean the tomcat recovers from mystery injury

Napoleon arrived at AHS in critical condition. The couple who found him were frantic. “We don’t know what happened. We just found him covered in blood!”

Immediate care from our vets was Napoleon’s only chance to survive. A staff member took the 2-year-old tabby in her arms and rushed him inside to receive the life-saving care he needed. An examination revealed that the golden tabby had likely been attacked by a dog. Over the next several days AHS staff nursed Napoleon back to health.

We cleaned and closed his wounds, treated his pain, and started antibiotic therapy. Still his face was badly swollen and he was unable to eat on his own. Patient staff members gently fed the injured cat wet food through a syringe and comforted him with loving whispers that he would feel better soon. Little by little, he started to regain strength. That’s when Napoleon’s personality started to shine through.

Napolean as he healed from mystery injury

Photo of Napoleon taken while his injuries healed.

Despite everything the young tomcat had been through, Napoleon was completely trusting. He craved affection from everyone he met. And everyone he met was happy to oblige.

After nearly a month of care, Napoleon was ready to find a home of his own. Within just a few days he was adopted by a loving family. As he left our adoption center the glimmer of hope in his eyes was unmistakable. His days of pain were over, and the best was yet to come.

Napoleon is just one example of the thousands of animals who receive life-saving medical care and treatment at AHS. And now he’s home, thanks to animal lovers in our community like you.

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