The most dramatic animal transformations we saw in 2019

We see amazing transformations every day at Animal Humane Society. Sick animals have their health restored, injured animals are given time to heal, and homeless animals find loving families. Since the New Year marks a fresh start, we decided to kick off 2020 with a look back at some of the most heartwarming animal transformations you made possible last year.

1. Sandy

Sandy's before-and-after

When Sandy first arrived at Animal Humane Society, her fur was so dirty and matted that the 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel was barely recognizable as a dog. Her skin was badly infected and her teeth were damaged and decayed. The sweet senior was at AHS for two weeks as she received treatment, and she remained in good spirits through it all. With her amazing personality, it’s no wonder Sandy was adopted within a few days of coming to the Adoption Center. Now she’s happy and healthy in her new home.


2. Elana

Elana's before-and-after

Elana was diagnosed with an extremely contagious virus called Panleukopenia when she was just a few weeks old. Most kittens don’t survive this illness, but Elana’s foster family was determined to do whatever they could, providing her with round-the-clock care. Fluid injections, anti-nausea medication, appetite stimulants… you name it. Thanks to their dedication, the little kitten miraculously pulled through. After going through so much together, her foster family couldn’t let Elana go. They adopted the tiny tortoiseshell kitten and renamed her Millie. Now Millie is happy, healthy, and all grown up.


3. Hot Dog

Hot Dog's before-and-after

Hot Dog was found abandoned in an Alabama field. The hound puppy was severely emaciated and brought to a local animal rescue. Ice cold to the touch, Hot Dog struggled to hang on to life and was at risk for kidney failure. He received two blood transfusions and spent nearly a month living at the veterinary clinic. Luckily, this resilient pup made a full recovery. The only thing still missing was a family to love. Animal Humane Society welcomed Hot Dog to Minnesota and he found a family within one day! Now Hot Dog is enjoying the comforts of a home and his favorite snack — chicken nuggets.


4. Reggie

Reggie's before-and-after

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office discovered Reggie during a drug case and called in our humane agents for assistance. The sweet Visla mix had been surviving on mostly water for weeks. Despite his condition, Reggie was so good-natured. We learned that Reggie had made an impression on Lieutenant Shane Magnuson, one of the deputies working the criminal case. Once Reggie had recovered, Magnuson and his family brought him home! Reggie is fitting in perfectly and especially loves his dog brother, Cooper.


5. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis' before-and-after

Bruce Willis, an extremely sweet orange tabby, spent weeks in the shelter without finding an adopter. Battle scars from a past life scared some adopters away. Bruce had chipped teeth, a healed injury to his eye, and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). After visiting him multiple times, Sandra couldn’t get Bruce’s sad eyes out of her head. As the days passed and he still hadn’t found a home, she knew she couldn’t live without him. Now he’s living the good life! Sandra reports that he loves snuggling, hot Cheetos, and sparkly toys.

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