More than 20 labs arrive at AHS during emergency surrender

Lab brought to AHS in humane investigations case

December 9, 2021 

Imagine trying to care for two dozen dogs — to have the best of intentions, but to be in over your head with seemingly nowhere to turn. Imagine the shame you might feel or the fear of judgement from your community. Imagine being in failing health and wanting to do the right thing for your pets before it's too late. That’s exactly what happened yesterday, as a desperate community member released 24 lab mixes to Animal Humane Society.

A lab mix looks at the camera through the bars of a crate
A black lab mix look out through the bars of a crate

This Humane Investigations case is unique. The labs, located on a small homestead in Redwood County, are relatively healthy. They had names. They were loved. However, their caregiver had become overwhelmed as the unsterilized dogs continued to reproduce. What began with just a few animals in his home steadily increased until he found himself caring for more than two dozen dogs between 1 and 6 years old. With his health rapidly deteriorating, he partnered with experts at AHS for emergency assistance.

A yellow lab mix stands in a crate set outside in the snow

Many of the dogs lived outdoors and were brought to AHS just days before a severe snow storm swept southern Minnesota.

When animal lovers are in crisis, they can turn to AHS — the only organization with the resources and expertise to meet the extraordinary needs of our community. Within days of receiving the urgent plea for help, we mobilized our Critical Response Team to retrieve the dogs from their home in southern Minnesota. Shelter staff prepared beds, meals, and medical equipment in anticipation of their arrival.

Our expert veterinarians have been hard at work examining each dog and providing essential medical care like vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. Unfortunately, many of the dogs are lacking critical socialization skills, which is common in cases like these. Our behavior specialists are making individual rehabilitation plans for each dog to equip them with the confidence they need to thrive in new homes.

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Animal Humane Society’s humane agents are the only full-time professional humane investigators in the state, and we partner with local agencies and community members to provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about our Humane Investigations team.

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