Loved for Life provides temporary foster care during pandemic


Legacy Circle members provide hope and security to the future of Animal Humane Society. These supporters have included a gift to AHS in their estate plans, ensuring we’ll be able to provide care to animals in need for years to come. During this time of uncertainty, we want to provide them with the same peace-of-mind they generously provide us.

Our Loved for Life program has always been there for Legacy Circle members in case they become unable to care for their pets. Now, during the COVID-19 health crisis, we’ve expanded the program to provide temporary foster to the pets of Legacy Circle members. Janine and her dog Monty were the first to take advantage of the expanded program.

Monty finds temporary care through Loved for Life program

This spring, Janine, found herself in a scary situation and in need of help with her dog Monty. Janine is immunocompromised and currently going through chemotherapy. As a result of her treatments, Janine is also unable to drive. All of these complications became overwhelming as she cared for her four beloved dogs, so she called on friends and family to help. Janine was able to find temporary homes for all her dogs except one, Monty. Luckily, Janine is a Legacy Circle member, so she reached out to AHS for help.

Monty in his temporary foster home

Within just a few days, we were able to pick up Monty and bring him to a temporary foster home with an AHS volunteer. While in foster, Monty has been hanging out in parks and making special appearances in online special education classes hosted by his foster’s roommate.

Janine couldn’t have been more appreciative of this help, “The fact that this option can be temporary makes all the difference.” She looks forward to reuniting with Monty in the coming months. “I love him so much,” she said. “Thank you for your kindness, assistance, and support!”

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Loved for Life makes it possible for Legacy Circle members to feel comfortable having pets at every stage of their lives by ensuring their pets will always receive the care they need. Learn more about about Loved for Life and other benefits of becoming a member of our Legacy Circle.

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