Kitten Cam: Our 24-hour kitten livestream will brighten your day

April 14, 2023
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NOTE: The kittens are currently not feeling well, so our kitten cam livestream is temporarily offline while they rest and recover. 

Need a stress-relieving break? Our kitten cam is guaranteed to make you smile!

While our shelters may be temporarily closed to the public due to canine influenza, caring for animals never stops at Animal Humane Society.

We're bringing you a peek inside one of the cat colony rooms at our Golden Valley location! Take a break from your stressful day and watch this adorable litter of two-month-old kittens on our 24-hour livestream. Rewind up to 12 hours to see them pounce and play.

Meet the stars of our kitten cam: Orion, Pegasus, Leo, Daphnis, Perseus, and Cassiopeia are already on hold, but we'll have many more kittens available for adoption when our shelters reopen. 


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