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September 18, 2012

Kindest Cut is celebrating a milestone – reaching its 10,000th spay/neuter surgery since beginning its low-cost service last year. This equates to the prevention of hundreds of thousands of animals being born without homes. 

In May, 2011, Animal Humane Society’s long time goal to provide low cost spay/neuter services to pets of people in need was achieved with the launch of Kindest Cut. Led by private veterinarian Dr. Meghann Kruck, the mobile spay/neuter service has already made great strides toward reducing the number of unwanted litters in our community.

“Each pet we sterilize is part of the solution to animal overpopulation,” says Dr. Kruck. “Every client who gets their pets spayed or neutered can consider themselves heroes as they are truly saving hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.”

As awareness of Kindest Cut grows, the mobile clinic will perform an estimated 10,000 surgeries annually. But this is only a portion of the need in the Twin Cities metro area. Once funding is secured through our Bound for Home initiative, the next step is to break ground on a bricks and mortar clinic for Kindest Cut at Animal Humane Society’s Golden Valley location. This community clinic will provide an additional 15,000 affordable spay/neuter surgeries each year.

Kindest Cut provides spay/neuter services to the pets of low- or fixed-income individuals and families. Fees range from $40 to $100 depending on weight, age and type of pet. Learn more at

Sammy, a 9-month-old Yorkie mix pup, was Kindest Cut’s 10,000th patient.