Kaiser's second chance


When Kaiser arrived at AHS you could see every bone in her body. Weighing only 34 pounds, the skeletal pit bull mix was barely clinging to life. Her big, brown eyes told a heartbreaking story.

Kaiser’s previous family had recently moved and were unable to take her along. They thought they had found a new home for their dog with a neighbor, but when they returned for a visit a few months later, they were shocked and disgusted with what they found. Their happy, healthy dog was skin and bones. She was deprived of food and clean water for so long she was nearly unrecognizable. Luckily, they knew they could count on AHS for help.

Nursing Kaiser back to health was a humbling journey. After being starved for so long, Kaiser’s body couldn’t accept food like a healthy dog. Our expert veterinarians planned a careful feeding schedule to delicately introduce food back into her system. Unfortunately, her frail body was susceptible to infections and she became ill with multiple respiratory infections shortly after arriving. But we didn’t give up on Kaiser.


After two months of loving attention and expert care, Kaiser gained 20 pounds and was finally ready to find a new home. Just days later, Kaiser was adopted. Her new family adores her. Whether they are hiking through the mountains together or cuddling on the couch, Kaiser is a member of the family and will never be neglected again.

Kaiser is one of thousands of animals who received the care they desperately needed this year. Second chances like hers are only possible thanks to generous animal lovers in our community. This holiday season you can change the life of an animal like Kaiser. 

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Every animal deserves a home to call their own and a family to love. At Animal Humane Society, we work tirelessly to ensure homeless animals in our community receive a second chance and a new beginning. From expert veterinary care and lifesaving surgeries to behavior rehabilitation and foster care, we pour our hearts into every animal — but we can’t do it without your help.  

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