Humane Investigations team coordinates large single-home surrender in Pine County

December 6, 2016

In late November, Animal Humane Society (AHS) Senior Humane Agent Wade Hanson worked with a rural Pine County couple to remove 93 animals in need of care from their home.

The couple could not provide adequate care for the growing number of animals and agreed to release them to AHS.

The 79 dogs, eight cats, and six guinea pigs were allowed to roam freely within the home, resulting in unsanitary living conditions for both the humans and animals. Many of the animals were unsterilized, leading to an overpopulation problem that the homeowners could not remedy on their own.

Fortunately, Animal Humane Society has the resources and expertise to take in and care for large numbers of animals. Once at AHS, the animals were examined and found to have varying degrees of health and social issues due to a lack of consistent medical care, poor socialization, and uncontrolled breeding.

The animals have been receiving medical and behavior treatments to prepare them for adoption. A small number were ready for new homes shortly after arriving at AHS and the remaining animals will be made available as they become ready for adoption.

Pine County dog crouches down next to a dirty crate
Pine County dog waits to be rescued
A Humane Agent holds one of the Pine County dogs
A Humane Agent comforts one of the Pine County dogs
Two of the Pine County dogs stare up at the camera looking frightened
Pine County dogs wait to be rescued
Pine County dogs wait to be rescued
Pine County dogs are packed into filthy living spaces
A Pine County dog sits on a wooden shelf waiting to be rescued
An AHS staff member trys giving a treat to one of the Pine County dogs
An AHS staff member removes 2 dog crates from the Pine County property
an AHS staff person and a Humane Agent lift a large crate into the AHS transport van
An AHS staff person holds one of the Pine County dogs in the AHS garage
A Pine County dog is held by an AHS staff person

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