Hubert's road to recovery

An injured kitten gets his second chance

Imagine driving home from a mundane errand or a typical day at work and spotting a litter of kittens on the side of the road. What would you do? That's what happened to Kristie last week, and luckily for one of the kittens, the animal lover stopped to help.

Hubert the kitten laying down after surgery

One lucky kitten

Kristie pulled over slowly, but as soon as she opened the car door, all of the kittens fled from sight… except one. This one was different. He seemed to be injured. He dragged his body awkwardly and appeared to be in a great deal of pain. Fortunately, Kristie knew she could turn to AHS for help, and she rushed the 6-week-old kitten to our Golden Valley shelter.

Our vets examined Hubert right away. They discovered the exceptionally sweet kitten had severe injuries to the right side of his body. Both of his legs on his right side were broken, but his front leg had also sustained major nerve damage. Unfortunately, our vets knew there was little hope of Hubert regaining any use of his front leg.

Our vets have performed thousands of amputations, but Hubert’s case was unique. With his front-right leg removed and his back-right leg in a large cast, the young tabby would only be able to walk on one side of his body. Thankfully AHS is equipped to handle even the most difficult medical cases thanks to our community of supporters.

Making big strides

Hubert the kitten sitting up after surgery

After Hubert’s surgery our vets monitored him closely. They scratched his chin and encouraged him with wet food and kind words. It was important to know if little Hubert would be able to function on two legs. We were all rooting for Hubert, and he seemed to know it. Despite missing one leg and the other in a cast, Hubert purred and purred. Then he did something even more amazing — he stood up!

Hubert is showing us what a remarkable fighter he is. He’s able to walk a few more steps each day, and is expected to make a full recovery with time. From being found on the side of the road, to being on the road to recovery, Hubert has you to thank.

On behalf of all the animals at AHS, thank you for making second chances possible.

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