A Good Samaritan helps a family of guinea pigs

July 21, 2022
Two guinea pigs huddled together

A community member on their way to work recently stumbled upon nine guinea pigs trapped in a hot dumpster fighting for their lives.

These guinea pigs some a few years old, others just babies shared a small wire cage, not even big enough for just one to live in, let alone nine. Not only were they left unprotected from the sweltering Minnesota summer heat, they were sick and covered with fleas.

Fortunately, their rescuer brought the vulnerable critters to Animal Humane Society for help.

Providing care and building trust

AHS steps up in times like these to ensure that animals who are suffering receive the second chances they need and deserve. In this case, we immediately accepted these critters into our care and began addressing their medical needs.

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It takes patience, love, and resources for sick, injured, or untrusting animals to become ready for adoption, and this was true for this guinea pig group as well. While critter care may seem simple, it can be quite tricky. Given these tiny animals were covered in fleas, we needed to provide three rounds of flea, tick, and mite preventatives, each two weeks apart. This meant AHS housed them all for over a month. Every day, each guinea pig received enrichment, fresh veggies, water, hay, new toys, and a clean cage with an igloo.

While their medical needs were the most crucial upon arrival, they also didn’t trust humans. Our staff and volunteers provided them socialization and decompression time in a quiet area of the shelter in an effort to build trust and ensure they had the time and space they needed to feel safe.

In addition, it was discovered that two of the guinea pigs were pregnant. For the weeks leading up to and following birth, those critters received love and care from dedicated foster volunteers before returning to the shelter.

Since arriving at AHS, most of the guinea pigs have found loving homes.  

Your support makes second chances possible

AHS accepts all animals, regardless of their health, temperament, breed, or training. And while we don’t often expect to see nine guinea pigs in dire need of care, when it does happen, we’re able to help thanks to the support of our animal-loving community.

If you’re struggling to provide care for your pet, review our list of emergency and financial resources or learn more about how to surrender or rehome your pet.

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