Facts about our April 5 Fillmore County humane investigation case

April 6, 2018

For the last 24 hours we’ve been receiving a lot of angry comments and 1-star reviews on social media related to a recent humane investigations case in Fillmore County. The facts of this case are complex, and many commenters may not be aware of the conditions that led us to take action.

Because this is an ongoing investigation that may result in criminal charges, we aren’t able to share photos from the case. Here is what we can tell you:

Animal Humane Society received multiple complaints regarding the care and welfare of animals located on a rural property in Fillmore County. The complaints alleged that animals were injured, physically abused, and subject to a deplorable sanitary environment.

Humane Agent Scott Hill investigated the complaints by visiting the property and making contact with the owner of the animals. He observed a group of rabbits, ducks, and chicks that were confined to unsanitary and overcrowded cages. Agent Hill determined that the animals were living in an unhealthy environment, and the living conditions did not meet the minimum care standards required by law.  Several of the animals appeared to be suffering from untreated injuries and health problems. The existing conditions appear to have accumulated over a period of months. 

Agent Hill offered the owner options to help address and improve the conditions the animals were subject to. The response by the owner suggested she was unable or unwilling to make the necessary improvements that would meet the minimum standards required by law. 

As a result, Agent Hill worked with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office to procure a search warrant. On April 5 Fillmore County Deputies executed the warrant and Agent Hill and a team from AHS removed 18 rabbits, 8 ducks, and 5 chicks from the property.

Agent Hill is working with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office on this pending criminal animal cruelty investigation. The animals have been quarantined at AHS, where they are receiving care and treatment until a disposition hearing pursuant to Minnesota statute 343.235. 

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