Bunny family finds loving homes

Four fluffy rabbits pose in front of a blue background

Depending on where you live, it's not uncommon to see wildlife during a walk around the neighborhood. Less common (no matter where you live) is coming across a stray domestic bunny – much less a bonded pair with babies on the way.

That’s exactly what happened to a compassionate family in the Twin Cities area. Recognizing that the pair were domesticated rabbits, they brought them home to provide care and figure out the next steps. 

Having had experience caring for critters in the past, the kind family made sure that the bunnies were set up on an appropriate diet and had a clean, comfortable space in their home. The adorable rabbits —affectionately named Josephine and Benjamin – quickly settled in and proved to be very sweet guests. 

Two vet techs at Animal Humane Society hold four rabbits

The humans and rabbits of the household slowly began to adjust to a life together, one filled with snuggles, floppy ears, and weekly treats of blueberries and carrots. 

A Sweet Surprise

Then, Josephine and Benjamin threw a curve ball—or rather, four puff balls—into the mix. A few weeks after they had been rescued, they welcomed four new baby bunnies into the world.

The amount of cuteness in the home instantly increased with the additions of Peter, Mopsy, Flopsy, and Lily. However, so did the amount and cost of resources required to care for the bunny family. Recognizing that the expenses would be too high, their rescuers brought the six rabbits to Animal Humane Society.

Starting their next chapter

At AHS, the bunnies spent some time in a loving foster home, where the babies received early life care and grew strong and old enough to undergo spay/neuter surgery. After each member of the bunny family had sterilization surgery, it was finally time for them to start their next chapter in new loving homes.

Each of the six rabbits were quickly adopted – but not before we managed to capture some adorable baby bunny photos. 

A white and brown rabbit climbing out of a cage
A fluffy white rabbit looks at camera
A black rabbit standing in a cage
A vet tech at Animal Humane Society holds a fluffy white rabbit

Looking to add a rabbit to your family? 

Before bringing home a new floppy-eared companion, read through our resources on rabbit parenthood, like what to expect when you adopt a rabbit.

You can also meet the adorable bunnies that are available for adoption at one of our three adoption center locations. 

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