AHS's position on the purchasing of dogs at breeder auctions

April 12, 2018

A recent article published by the Washington Post brings attention to a troubling practice that undermines the credibility of animal welfare organizations and the industry as a whole.

Animal Humane Society does not support the purchasing of dogs by rescue organizations at breeder auctions. While these efforts are often motivated by good intentions, they do nothing to improve conditions for dogs in the breeding facilities these auctions support.

AHS does not purchase dogs at breeder auctions or from any other source. We remain committed to finding homes for homeless animals in Minnesota and supporting partner shelters in communities where there are far more animals than adopters. We do not pay for the animals we take in from other shelters but we do cover the cost of their transportation, care, and medical treatment. This allows our partner shelters to devote more resources to animal welfare programs that reduce the population of homeless animals in their own communities. Read more about our transport program and the Animal Transport Alliance.

In 2014, a Minnesota law protecting animals in breeding facilities was passed after AHS and other animal welfare advocates worked for several years to win approval for the legislation. We continue to advocate for legislation to more effectively regulate breeding facilities and protect animals from abuse and neglect.

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