Baylor, a 4-month-old puppy, was tied up and left for dead

Baylor with AHS staff

Update: April 15, 2021 

After undergoing surgery last week, Baylor has been healing in a foster home and recovering well. Despite having to wear the “cone of shame” to protect his sensitive incision, he’s been in great spirits! “For what he’s been through, Baylor is a very happy guy. He’s adjusting quickly and is all smiles,” says his foster mom, Mariah.

Many of you have asked about Baylor’s mother, Carmen, who was rescued from the same home and was living with our rescue partners up north. We are happy to report that this week she was transferred into Animal Humane Society’s care! If you recall from our original post, we believe Carmen may have helped to protect Baylor and keep him alive while he was stuck in the window well.

Yesterday evening, mother and son were able to see each other for the first time since the rescue.

Carmen, a 2-year-old shepherd mix, is in good health and as we’ve gotten to know her, we’ve noticed what a playful lady she is under her serious exterior (she LOVES belly rubs). She will be having her spay surgery soon, after which we expect her to be ready to find a loving home.

Baylor will continue to heal in his foster home. We will keep you updated on his progress!

Carmen, Baylor's mom

Baylor’s mother, Carmen, who was rescued from the same home.

Carmen and Baylor at AHS

Carmen and Baylor see each other for the first time since the rescue.

April 7, 2021

In early April, Baylor, a 4-month-old shepherd mix, was found in critical condition on a rural property in northern Minnesota. The rescue agency that was first alerted to Baylor’s situation reached out to Animal Humane Society for help.

WARNING: This story includes photos of Baylor's injuries

Hearing a soft cry, a passerby found Baylor in a window well with a cable wrapped tightly around his abdomen. The Good Samaritan notified our rescue partners that something seemed wrong, and that the young dog appeared in need of immediate help.

Baylor was barely responsive when help arrived. Based on his condition, the helpless young dog had likely been stuck in the window well for weeks. As our rescue partners worked to bring Baylor to safety, his mother stood by watching the whole time, as if to protect him from any further harm. We suspect she had been feeding him down in the well, keeping him alive just long enough to be discovered.

As Baylor’s rescuers pulled him from the window well, they made a gruesome discovery. The cable was embedded into the tissue around his waist, causing major trauma to his abdomen. It was clear that Baylor had been purposefully wrapped in the cable.

Baylor's injured abdomen
Baylor, post surgery

This was not an accident. It was deliberate animal abuse.

Sadly, Baylor’s situation was not the first report of animal cruelty linked to this residence — but with evidence finally in hand, our rescue partners and the local police department were ready to take action. Baylor and the other animals on the property were seized, and the owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Baylor was rushed to a local vet to see if anything could be done to save his life. The cable was cutting into his organs and needed to be removed immediately. While the vet was able to safely detach the cable, Baylor needed specialized care in order to repair the damage that was done. Animal Humane Society was the first to be called.

Yesterday, our veterinary team performed Preputial Reconstruction on Baylor to reattach his lower abdominal skin and restore urinary function. It’s an uncommon procedure, but our expert vets knew exactly what to do. The young dog is now safely recovering in a foster home until his sutures can be removed.

Baylor, post-surgery with cone

You can help Baylor as he heals.

Baylor has a long recovery ahead of him, but your support can help make a difference right now. Your donation will help Animal Humane Society address Baylor’s ongoing medical needs and care for other animals like him who need emergency veterinary procedures.

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We will continue to provide updates about Baylor as we receive them from our veterinary and foster teams. Check this page for notes on his progress.

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