Animal Humane Society removes 53 dogs from northern Minnesota property

November 6, 2015

Dogs in Pine County

Animal Humane Society has removed 51 adult dogs and two puppies – all hound mixes – from a rural property in northern Minnesota. The dogs were surrendered by an individual who was unable to provide adequate care and shelter for them.

AHS Humane Agent Wade Hanson worked with the Pine County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the case, which also led to the removal of horses and other farm animals.

One group of dogs was removed on Friday, October 30. A second group was surrendered and transported to AHS yesterday, November 5. No animals remain on the property.

AHS medical and behavioral staff are evaluating the dogs and providing socialization, rehabilitation, and care to help prepare them for adoption. Because they were kept outside, tied up with little human interaction, these animals will require patience and understanding to safely transition to a new home. AHS will provide behavioral support to those who adopt dogs from this case, including a free 30-minute private training session.

A small number of dogs from this case are already available for adoption. Others will move from rehabilitative care to adoption as they become ready. Look for animals with a “Special Projects” notation on their kennel card or website profile. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate adoption requests by phone.

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