AHS takes in 40+ animals following Hurricane Irma

Atlanta volunteer and small dog

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

September 11, 2017

Over the weekend, Animal Humane Society took in more than 40 dogs and cats in response to Hurricane Irma.

Atlanta Humane Society called on AHS for assistance in bringing Florida shelter animals to safety and out of the direct line of the storm. Having rescued more than 100 Florida animals before the Irma hit the state this weekend, the Atlanta Humane Society found themselves nearing shelter capacity.

They asked AHS to take some of these dogs and cats, as well as Texas animals transported to Atlanta following Hurricane Harvey, so that they could make room to help more Florida animals in need.

AHS transport team member and large dog

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

Our transport team picked up 25 dogs and cats who arrived back in Minnesota on Sunday and will soon be ready to find new homes in the Midwest. AHS also welcomed 17 dogs from the ASPCA’s disaster response team in Florida last weekend.

Earlier in the month, AHS accepted 24 dogs and cats last week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, as well as six more on Saturday.

All animals AHS has taken in were without homes before the hurricanes hit. We are not taking in stray pets who have a chance of still being reunited with their families.

View the Florida and Texas animals as they become available for adoption.

Atlanta volunteer and small white dog in front of truck
Senior dog awaits transport in Atlanta
AHS transport team loads the van in Atlanta
Dog "Roselyn" awaiting transport in Atlanta
Atlanta volunteer and small white dog in front of carriers
Siamese cat awaiting transport in Atlanta

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