AHS takes in 22 dogs surrendered by a breeder

December 08, 2022
A dog surrendered by a breeder receives a vaccination upon arrival at AHS

When animals are in need, Animal Humane Society will always be there to offer the care and support every dog, cat, and critter deserves. That’s why when a breeder in a rural county north of the Twin Cities closed, AHS was the first to be called.

We quickly prepared to open our doors for 22 dogs, ranging in age from just a few hours old to eight years old, and breeds from Corgis to Great Danes. Once at AHS, each was immediately quarantined and tested for Brucellosis — a life-threatening and incredibly contagious disease.

Two newborn puppies from breeder held by AHS staff
AHS staff dressed in PPE prepare to intake a dog surrendered from a breeder

With a case this large, in a shelter full of other animals and busy staff, it was going to be crucial to take extra precautions during their quarantine period. But our team was up to the task.

For five days, we waited patiently for their test results, providing each dog with ample food, affection, and their own comfy bed. When every test came back negative, we breathed a sigh of relief — we could now focus on making their second chances possible.

Three dogs surrendered to AHS from breeder

Our team of experts, including veterinarians and behavior specialists, are currently providing each dog with vaccinations, balanced nutrition, specialized behavior rehabilitation, and spay/neuter surgery.

AHS is the only organization in Minnesota with the resources, space, and expertise to meet the extraordinary needs of these animals. Thanks to the generous support of animal lovers in our community, these 22 lives are about to be changed forever.

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