AHS rescues 56 animals living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions

February 03, 2023
Two dogs rescued from overcrowded, unsanitary conditions laying in adjacent kennels

February 3, 2023

We recently received a call we always dread. Fifty-six local animals were living in an overcrowded, unsanitary environment and our help was urgently needed.

Animal Humane Society was at the ready, able to lend a hand and get these animals to safety.

Dog rescued from overcrowded, unsanitary conditions looks out through kennel grate

Our Humane Investigations agents quickly removed the dogs, cats, and critters from a space in Morrison County. The animals ranged in age from only months old to more than 12 years old.

Constant exposure to filth had left some with severe upper respiratory infections and skin conditions. Some were dehydrated. All of them were frightened, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

In the coming days and weeks, they will need the vaccines, surgeries, and behavioral care required to prepare them for their second chance. While a case this large requires significant space, time, and resources, AHS is able to serve as a leader in our animal welfare community and meet the needs of every animal thanks to the support of our animal-loving community.

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Collage of animals arriving at AHS after being rescued from unsanitary conditions

About AHS Humane Agents

AHS humane agents are the only full-time professional humane investigators in the state, and we partner with local agencies and community members to provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about our Humane Investigations team.

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