AHS to receive transport ahead of Hurricane Irma

Puppy in kennel

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

September 8, 2017

With Hurricane Irma expected to hit land in the U.S. this weekend, Animal Humane Society is partnering with Atlanta Humane Society to bring Florida shelter animals to safety and out of the direct line of the storm. Atlanta Humane has taken in more than 100 Florida animals recently, as well as Texas pets affected by Hurricane Harvey, and called on AHS for assistance so that they can make room for more. Our transport team is headed to Atlanta now to pick up the first group of animals, which will include dogs and cats from Florida, Texas, and Atlanta. The transport is expected back in Minnesota this weekend.

We are also expecting two transports of Texas pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey this weekend.

View the Florida and Texas animals as they become available for adoption. Please note that all of the animals AHS is taking in were already in shelter prior to Hurricane Harvey. We are not taking in stray pets who have a chance of still being reunited with their families.

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