42 animals seized from Fridley animal rescue in humane investigations case

June 13, 2024

On May 23, Animal Humane Society coordinated with Fridley Police and the Minnesota Board of Animal Health to respond to a heartbreaking case of neglect. 

Our Humane Investigations agents removed 42 dogs, cats, and critters from Happy Tails Rescue in Fridley, Minnesota, where they endured inadequate medical care and living conditions,

A cat inside a carrier after being seized during a humane investigations case
A skinny dog being weighed by AHS vet staff after humane investigations case

Nineteen of the 42 animals brought to AHS needed urgent medical attention. Ten cats had significant hair loss, three dogs had infected skin conditions, one dog had severe muscle wasting on his rear legs, another had a major ear infection that erupted into ulcers, and multiple animals had upper respiratory infections. These medical issues could have been prevented or easily treated with basic care. Instead, these animals, ranging in age from puppies and kittens to seniors, suffered as their conditions progressed to a painful stage. 

These animals are finally receiving the expert medical treatment they deserve at AHS. With the generosity of donors, AHS serves as a trusted leader in the animal welfare community and a place where dogs, cats, and critters can count on the love and compassionate care they need.

This ongoing investigation began in February 2024 when the Fridley Police Division received a tip about animal maltreatment at Happy Tails Rescue. Before the warrant was served, Fridley officers and AHS humane agents interviewed several employees and volunteers from the rescue to investigate the initial tips.

Your support is critical as we continue to respond to this case and house and treat these vulnerable animals. Right now, the AHS Board of Directors will MATCH all gifts, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000. 

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About AHS humane agents

AHS humane agents partner with local agencies and community members in all 87 counties to investigate reports of animal abuse and neglect and provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about the Humane Investigations team.