19 dogs and 11 cats rescued in humane investigations case

Dog with severe matting rescued in recent HI case

August 30, 2018

Animal Humane Society has partnered with the Blaine Police Department to rescue 19 dogs and 11 cats from unsanitary and overcrowded conditions in a private home. The animals were released to AHS earlier this week.

AHS has provided safe refuge, medical treatment, and life-saving care for countless animals associated with hoarding situations and has begun assessing and caring for the animals from this case, which range in age from four days old to seniors.

The rescued dogs include several Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mixes and a one terrier mix. The cats include mostly domestic shorthair mixes and one Siamese. Unfortunately, three newborn puppies died shortly after arriving at AHS. All remaining newborn kittens and puppies are with their mothers and under close veterinary supervision. 

Puppy rescued in recent humane investigations case

The health of each animal ranges dramatically. Some of the younger animals appear to be generally healthy, while older animals suffer from a range of health issues including skin and eye infections and severe matting. These painful conditions are consistent with living in unsanitary conditions and a lack of adequate veterinary care.

Every animal is currently receiving a forensic exam by an AHS veterinarian to determine their individual needs. When animals from this case become available for adoption, they will appear on our regular adoption listing and on our Special Project's page.

Criminal charges are pending.

We’ll continue to update our community about this case as we learn more.  

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