15 dogs seized in humane investigations case

April 30, 2024
Fillmore County humane investigations case dog sits in kennel

Fifteen malnourished German Shepherds removed from a Fillmore County property in February have been released to Animal Humane Society following a lengthy court process.

On February 22, Animal Humane Society humane agents assisted the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office in rescuing nine adult dogs and six puppies suffering from malnourishment in Fillmore County. The German Shepherds, ranging in age from eight weeks to three years, were being bred for sale. 

AHS has been caring for the dogs —and four additional puppies born at AHS — while the court considered an appeal of their removal. 

Many of the dogs are being treated for challenging medical and behavioral conditions. It's been a long road of recovery, and many still have a ways to go. We’re happy that these dogs are getting the critical care they need. 

Watch our adoption pages to find out when dogs from this case become available for adoption.

Collage of dogs rescued from Fillmore County humane investigations case

How our community can help

AHS has been caring for an unusually large number of animals with significant health and behavior challenges resulting from humane investigations cases in the past year, including 671 dogs, cats, and critters since July 1, 2023. Cases like these highlight the ongoing need for support from our community including:

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