11 cats released to AHS in humane investigations case

Tiny, one of 11 cats released in a humane investigations case at AHS

Recently 11 adult cats arrived at Animal Humane Society (AHS) after 16 cats were found in an apartment in Springfield, MN. Our Humane Investigations team assisted the Springfield Police Department to coordinate the release of these cats with a community member who’d become overwhelmed by the number of animals in her home.

The cats released range in age from five months to two years. All the cats are in good condition and are friendly and playful. They’ll be available for adoption by appointment once they’ve been examined by our vet services and behavior staff, and spayed/neutered. A number of them have already been adopted!

Of the remaining five cats, the community member will be allowed to keep two cats per city code, and the Springfield Police Department is working with her to find affordable spay services. Two cats will live with a family member, and one cat was released to the Redwood Area Animal Shelter. The Police Department will continue to check in with the individual moving forward and connect her to services as needed.

Mirage, one of 11 cats released in humane investigations case at AHS

“This case is a great example of how the Springfield Police Department works with our community members to provide help and support when needed,” said Leo Dufault, Springfield Animal Control Officer. “The cooperation between agencies ensured we could find the best outcome for the individual and her cats.”

“We’re happy to provide animal welfare support to local authorities whenever they request our assistance,” said Keith Streff, Principal Humane Agent. “The Springfield Police Department’s leadership on this case was critical to giving these cats a second chance and helping the individual access the services she needs for the remaining cats in her care.”

AHS Humane Agents

Animal Humane Society’s humane agents are the only full-time professional humane investigators in the state, and we partner with local agencies and community members to provide non-judgmental aid and support whenever possible. Learn more about Humane Investigations team.

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