Make a Venmo gift

AHS Venmo QR code

Making a gift through the Venmo platform is a quick and secure way to share some love with vulnerable local animals without needing to provide credit card information at the time of the donation if you have an existing Venmo account. 

Visit our Venmo page @AnimalHumaneSociety on the Venmo online site or app to make your donation. You can also scan our unique QR code to be taken directly to our organization’s donation page. 

Charities Review Council

Minnesota Charities Review Council’s Standards of Accountability state that at least 70% of an organization’s annual expenses must be directed toward program activity with no more than 30% for management, general, and fundraising expenses combined. In 2021, Animal Humane Society exceeded this standard by directing 71% of our expenses back into programming and services for animals and the community.

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