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Finding your lost pet

Quick action and personal involvement in the recovery process are key components of recovering your lost pet. These steps can help you locate a lost pet as quickly as possible:

Notify the authorities

Contact your local animal control agency and/or non-emergency police department. File a lost pet report and ask where your animal will be taken if s/he is picked up by one of these agencies.

Notify your veterinary clinic and microchip company to let them know your pet is missing. Confirm that they have current contact information for you.

Use the Animal Humane Society Lost and Found Pets Bulletin Board

Check the found pets and stray animals sections of the Animal Humane Society Lost and Found Pets Bulletin Board to see if your pet has been found. If not found there, post its picture and information to the lost pets section. Check back every day until your pet is found.

Use Finding Rover

Through its state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, Finding Rover helps reunite dogs with their owners by matching finder photos with photos of dogs that have been reported missing. Finding Rover’s facial recognition technology makes photo matching 98% accurate.

Post lost pet notices on other online sites

You can also post a lost pet notice in other online venues:

Search your neighborhood

Search your neighborhood every day until your pet is found. Post notices throughout the neighborhood using a clear, up-to-date photo. Talk to your neighbors and any neighborhood businesses. Offering a reward can also be helpful.

Follow up

When your pet is found, remember to take down any notices you've posted online and around your neighborhood.