Legacy Circle

Animals give unconditional love, affection and friendship to us every day.  For many of us they have played a vital role in enriching our lives.  By including Animal Humane Society in your estate planning, you help enrich the lives of so many others by supporting our efforts to provide shelter, adoption and humane investigation services to the animals in our community.

The Legacy Circle is a way to thank those individuals who care deeply about abandoned and neglected animals and who have taken care of them in their estate planning. If you choose to include the Animal Humane Society in your estate planning, we ask that you fill out the Legacy Circle membership form with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.  We ask each member of the Legacy Circle to also allow us to list their name in our Annual Report to both acknowledge their support of the animals and to set an example to other individuals in the community who share your affection for animals.  Your leadership will inspire others to become members.

On behalf of the Animal Humane Society, thank you for planning for the future care of our animals in need. Each year our membership grows as more people recognize the importance of providing for homeless animals once they are gone.  Allowing us to acknowledge your good intentions for the animals can be motivating inspiration for others to include the Animal Humane Society in their estate planning.

Important information

Listed below is the legal information you will need in order to name our animals as a recipient of a gift in your estate planning.

Legal name:

Animal Humane Society

Address: 845 Meadow Lane N
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Tax ID #: 41-0693842
Org. Exempt Status:   501(c)(3)


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