Veterinary Center standard pricing

Standard fees are available to individuals at any income level as well as approved rescues and shelters. Fees at this level are still well below the average in our area.

Price increases for spay and neuter surgeries below are effective May 1. If your pet is scheduled for surgery prior to May 1 and you need the current pricing, please reach out to our team at 763-489-7729.

Exams, medical care, and wellness services

The fee for a veterinarian exam and consultation is $55 and the fee for a preventative care visit led by a veterinary technician is $35. Fees for vaccinations, diagnostic tests, and other services are as follows. We will provide an estimate for any other services we recommend as part of your pet's treatment plan. 


Rabies vaccination$20
Canine distemper combo$20
Bordetella vaccination$20
Leptospirosis vaccination$20
Lyme vaccination$40
Distemper/Leptospirosis combo$35
Feline distemper combo$20
Feline Leukemia vaccination$40

Diagnostic tests

Heartworm antigen test (dogs 6 months and older)$31
4DX test (dogs 6 months and older)$46
FeLV/FIV combo test (cats 8 weeks and older)$46

Additional services

Anal gland expression$36
Microchip and registration$30
Nail trim$20
Ear cleaning$22
Spay and neuter surgeries
Cat neuter$150
Cat spay$200
Dog neuter (varies by weight)$250- $300
Dog spay (varies by weight)$300- $350
Rabbit neuter$185
Rabbit spay$275

Additional charges that may apply

Hernia repair$20
Inguinal Cryptorchid$20
Abdominal Cryptorchid$38
Deciduous tooth removal$10/tooth
Flea treatment$20
Tapeworm treatment$22
Dental services and specialty surgeries

Dental cleaning and extractions

Routine dental$367.50
Advanced dental$551.25- $735
Complex dental$918.75

Eye surgeries

Eye enucleation (varies by single vs. bilateral)$441- $834.75
Cherry eye repair (varies by single vs. bilateral)$228.90- $410.55
Entropion repair (varies by number of lids)$241.50- $577.50

Medically necessary amputations

Tail amputation (varies by weight)$292.95-$441
Toe amputation (varies by weight)$343.35-$490.35
Limb amputation (varies by weight)$685.65-$1,224.30

Mass and cyst removals

Mass removal (varies by size, location, and number of masses)$148.05-$539.70

Other surgeries and services

Cystotomy (varies by number, size of stones, and health of bladder)$586.95-$978.60
Scrotal ablation$127
Cruciate repair (varies by weight)$757.05-$1,230.60
Femoral head ostectomy$761.25-$1,117.20
Aural hematoma$237.30-$330.75
Heartworm treatment (varies by weight)(per injection)$189-$379.05
Radiographs (varies by view number)$139.65-277.20
Fast scan ultrasound$40

Other charges that may apply

Umbilical hernia$20
Inguinal hernia$143.85
Dewclaw removal$25 - $50
Baby tooth removal$10/tooth

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