Veterinary Center reduced pricing

Reduced pricing is available for individuals making up to $37,650 a year (plus $13,450 for each additional household member). Fees at this level are set at 75% of standard pricing (a 25% discount). For additional eligibility details, see our Veterinary Center fee tiers.

Exams, medical care, and wellness services
Veterinarian exam and consultation$41.25
Preventative care visit$26.25
Technician visit$11.25

Find out more about each visit type here.  


Rabies vaccination$18.75
Canine distemper combo$18.75
Bordetella vaccination$18.75
Leptospirosis vaccination$18.75
Lyme vaccination$32.25
Distemper/Leptospirosis combo$33.75
Feline distemper combo$18.75
Feline Leukemia vaccination$30

Diagnostic tests

Heartworm antigen test (dogs 6 months and older)$24
4DX test (dogs 6 months and older)$35
FeLV/FIV combo test (cats 8 weeks and older)$35

Additional services

Anal gland expression$27
Microchip and registration$30
Nail trim$15
Ear cleaning$17
Spay and neuter surgeries
Cat neuter$113
Cat spay$150
Dog neuter (varies by weight)$188 - $225
Dog spay (varies by weight)$225 - $263
Rabbit neuter$139
Rabbit spay$207

Additional charges that may apply

Hernia repair$15
Inguinal Cryptorchid$15
Abdominal Cryptorchid$29
Deciduous tooth removal$8/tooth
Flea treatment$15
Tapeworm treatment$17
Dental services and specialty surgeries

Dental cleaning and extractions

Routine dental $275.63
Advanced dental$413.44- $551.25
Complex dental$689.06

Eye surgeries

Eye enucleation (varies by single vs. bilateral)$330.75- $626.06
Cherry eye repair (varies by single vs. bilateral)$171.68- $307.91
Entropion repair (varies by number of lids)$181.13- $433.13

Medically necessary amputations

Tail amputation (varies by weight)$219.71- $330.75
Toe amputation (varies by weight)$257.51- $367.76
Limb amputation (varies by weight)$514.24- $918.23

Mass and cyst removals

Mass removal (varies by size, location, and number of masses)$111.04- $404.78

Other surgeries and services

Cystotomy (varies by number, size of stones, and health of bladder)$440.21- $733.95
Scrotal ablation$96
Cruciate repair (varies by weight)$567.79- $922.95
Femoral head ostectomy$570.94- $837.90
Aural hematoma$177.98- $248.06
Heartworm treatment (varies by weight)(per injection)$141.75- $284.29
Radiographs (varies by view number)$104.74- $207.90
Fast scan ultrasound$30

Other charges that may apply

Umbilical hernia$15
Inguinal hernia$107.89
Dewclaw removal$19 - $38
Baby tooth removal$8/tooth

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