School projects

Student requests for school projects

We frequently receive requests from students for information about our services and animal welfare issues for classroom projects. With advance notice, we may be able to offer students up to 30 minutes with an AHS staff member for gathering information needed for a classroom project. This can be done via phone or email.

Want AHS to present to your classroom?

Request a virtual session with one of our humane educators.

We cannot accommodate requests for:

  • Job shadowing of any kind
  • Short-term volunteer projects (anything requiring less than a one year commitment)
  • Community service hours
  • Projects requiring extensive photography or filming, including documentary projects
  • Requests from students outside our local service area of Minnesota
  • Last-minute needs 

If your request fits within the parameters of what we are able to accommodate, submit your request online.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for AHS staff to respond once the request has been submitted. A scheduled appointment is required and we will do our best to schedule students within 1-2 weeks of the request.

Much of the information students need can be found on our website, and we encourage students to gather as much information as they can before submitting a request for assistance.


If you have questions about education programs at AHS complete our contact form.

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