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Meet the Youth Club Achievement Award Winners!

Members of the Youth Club are encouraged to work toward earning the Achievement Awards.  Members accumulate points by performing a variety of service activities.  Members can work through four different award levels to earn a variety of rewards for their hard work.

Congratulations to our Copper Award winner, Kelly!

Kelly earned her PSA award by making cat blankets and toys, and by volunteering to assist with birthday parties at AHS.  She arrived early and stayed late to help prepare for and clean up from parties, and assisted with party activities to make sure our guests had a great time.  Thank you, Kelly!

Congraulations to our newest Silver Award winners, Clara and Sydney!

Clara earned her award by making 19 cat blankets, 503 cat toys, and 240 chew toys for rabbits and guinea pigs.  She also reviewed recent events and books, did 2 research projects, and volunteered to work in the Youth Club tent at the Walk For Animals.  Way to go, Clara!

Sydney earned her award by making 39 cat blankets, 60 cat toys, and 658 chew toys for rabbits and guinea pigs, in addition to writing a book review.  She also volunteered to work at the Youth Club tent at the Walk For Animals, right after she finished the Walk - and she raised more than $700 for walking.  Nice work, Sydney!

Clara B. - Woodbury                                                  Sydney D. - Woodbury