Community Outreach in Frogtown and East St. Paul

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Animal Humane Society’s Community Outreach program aims to increase the overall health and well-being of animals by empowering people who live in under-engaged communities through education and resources. 

Through this program, we partner with other organizations in specific Twin Cities neighborhoods — where access to animal care and welfare services is limited — to build a consistent presence and keep each community engaged with AHS for the long term.

Our goals include:

  • Breaking down barriers and developing relationships with community residents.
  • Preventing pet homelessness by overcoming misconceptions about spay/neuter and offering free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries.
  • Making a positive impact on the community’s public health and safety by increasing access to affordable pet care and services.

Serving Frogtown and East St. Paul

By analyzing organizational data and speaking with local animal welfare organizations, AHS identified two neighborhoods in the metro area under-utilizing AHS services: Frogtown and East St. Paul. 

Outreach staff and volunteers connect residents living in these communities to the following pet services:

  • Free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and vaccines through Kindest Cut (this includes transport directly to and from people's homes and the clinic)
  • Free in-home training consultations
  • Free clinics hosted in each community, offering vaccines, nail trims, wellness exams, and dewormer to resident pets

Effective August 1, 2018: So AHS can continue to offer services in Frogtown and East St. Paul while expanding to new areas, Frogtown and East St. Paul residents will be asked to share the cost of the surgery by paying $25 (only a third of the total cost to provide these services).

Follow the Frogtown and East St. Paul Community Outreach Facebook page for regular updates on wellness clinics and other community news and resources.

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More information

For more information about outreach services and the wellness/vaccine clinics, please contact our Community Outreach staff at 651-788-4685.

The Community Outreach program was featured in the fall 2014 edition of Animal Tracks, Animal Humane Society’s magazine.

You can also learn more about Community Outreach work (in Frogtown specifically) by watching this video.

Meet our Outreach Team


Luiza, Community Outreach Organizer


Salvador, Community Ambassador


Molly, Community Outreach Lead

Margaret Duarte, Community Outreach and Volunteer Organizer

Margaret, Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

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