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Community Outreach

Since 2012, Animal Humane Society’s Community Outreach program has sought to create a more humane world for animals through community-based education and by providing resources for pet owners in Twin Cities communities that historically have not engaged with Animal Humane Society or other animal welfare organizations.

Community Outreach seeks to increase the overall health and well-being of animals in under-engaged communities by empowering the people who care for these animals through education and resources. Community Outreach connects with individuals by building a consistent and strategic community presence through extensive door-to-door outreach. The program partners with other organizations in each target community to build a consistent community presence and keep each community engaged with Animal Humane Society for the long term.

Our goals include:

  • Breaking down barriers and develop relationships within Twin Cities communities where poverty is high, resources are few, and residents’ access to Animal Humane Society or other animal care and welfare services are limited.
  • Improving pets overall health and wellness through providing education and resources.
  • Preventing pet homelessness by providing free spay/neuter and by overcoming misconceptions about spay/neuter.
  • Making a positive impact on the community’s public health and safety by increasing access to affordable pet care and services.

The program adapts strategies from Pets for Life, a successful model developed by the Humane Society of the United States that incorporates ongoing neighborhood outreach, community-wide events, and free or very low cost services for pets such as training, humane education, spay/neuter surgeries, and wellness care.

Serving Frogtown and East St. Paul

By analyzing organizational data and speaking with local animal welfare organizations such as St. Paul Animal Control, Animal Humane Society identified two urban neighborhoods in the metro area under-utilizing AHS services: Frogtown and East St. Paul. Initial work has focused on these two communities, but we hope to expand to other under-engaged communities in the future.

Staff and volunteers connect residents of Frogtown and East St. Paul to resources they need for their pets and discuss spay/neuter, providing information on low-cost sterilization and wellness services available through Kindest Cut, an Animal Humane Society-owned veterinary clinic offering animal services to people with limited means.

Community Outreach also hosts regular wellness clinics in Frogtown, offering free vaccines, nail trims, wellness exams, and dewormer to resident pets and educating about spay/neuter.

Learn more about services for residents of Frogtown and East St. Paul.


  • 5,235: Number of free spay/neuter surgeries completed since May 2013
  • 6,278: Number of Frogtown and East St. Paul animals that have been vaccinated
  • 10,049: Number of residents and pets Community Outreach has connected with in the target communities

More information

The Community Outreach program was featured in the fall 2014 edition of Animal Tracks, Animal Humane Society’s magazine.

If you have any questions about our Community Outreach program please contact Dave Garrity, Director of Community Engagement, at or 763-432-4814.

You can also learn more about Community Outreach’s work in Frogtown specifically through the following video.